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Field-expedient hydration monitor for the military

Dehydration is a common health problem during military missions. Preventing dehydration is a great opportunity to mitigate environmental injuries and increase mission success. Capability gap: field-expedient hydration test.The Army needs new tools to improve hydration skills during basic training. Rates of dehydration, heat injury, rhabdomyolysis and hyponatremia sharply increased during 2011-2015, mostly in males <20 years of age. Recruit trainees had 5 times higher rates than other enlisted members and officers. Even mild dehydration can significantly degrade performance of physical skills (balance, agility, coordination, speed, strength and endurance) and cognitive skills (mood, attention, reaction time, memory and reasoning). Losing 4% of body weight from dehydration degrades physical performance by 50%. This 4% dehydration is possible in less than 2 hrs. 4% dehydration significantly increases risk of heat injury. Dehydration is present year-round. 18-30% of dehydration and heat illnesses occur outside of the heat season.


Our product will make possible early detection of dehydration.

  • Objective and Accurate detection of dehydration
  • Actionable
  • Rapid and Noninvasive
  • Simple to use and Field-expedient
  • Personalized hydration tracking
Benefits to Warfighter
  • Detect dehydration objectively with actionable result
  • Monitor rehydration in real time
  • Prevent dehydration and mitigate environmental injuries
  • Check mission readiness
  • Improve training effectiveness and mission success
Rapid Saliva Test for Routine Hydration Monitoring

Dehydration is a serious health problem that is fully preventable if diagnosed and treated early. Dehydration mainly affects seniors, children, people with disabilities and patients with chronic disease. Seniors are at greater risk of developing dehydration because they have a diminished thirst response and decreased kidney function. The economic burden of dehydration is high: over $5 billion are spent annually for unnecessary hospital visits and avoidable complications such as falls, infections and heat illness. Current approach to diagnosing dehydration in the Emergency Room has key weaknesses: high cost, inconvenience and low reliability for mild dehydration. UNMET NEED: Rapid test for routine hydration monitoring.


Our product will make possible early detection of dehydration. Dehydration is easily treated by drinking fluids if detected early. Users of the test will gain personal experience with hydration levels, notice early signs of dehydration and learn how to properly rehydrate. Through repeated testing, users will acquire improved hydration skills that will facilitate preventing dehydration. Proper hydration will improve senior health and resilience, mitigate risk of falls, infections and heat injury, and potentially decrease 30d hospital readmissions.

  • Objective (molecular signature) and Actionable (drink 2 QT of water if positive)
  • Rapid answer (5 min), Noninvasive (drop of saliva), Easy to use (disposable) and Affordable ($2/test)
  • More sensitive than standard blood and urine tests: detects mild dehydration.
  • Telemedicine: wireless transfer of test result to smartphone.
  • Senior. Interested seniors will use the test at home to monitor their hydration as a part of general health monitoring (e.g. step counting, blood pressure monitoring).
  • Family member. The test will empower family to improve health and extend independence of their senior relatives. They will ask the senior to take the dehydration test while they visit, or track hydration history using results stored on device, or get a dehydration alert via text or email.
  • Caregiver. Caregivers will use the test to deliver a new service to their senior customers. Regular hydration monitoring will raise standards of care across settings: Home care, Home health, Assisted living facility, Nursing home and Hospice. The test will be able to detect mild dehydration and facilitate preventative fluid management.
  • Medical doctor. Family doctors and geriatricians will use the dehydration test to screen for fluid imbalance during routine office visits. In addition, they will use the dehydration test during follow up to prevent 30-d hospital readmission. The dehydration test will make possible routine assessment following a discharge from hospital. The test will be administered during home visit by nurse or using telemedicine: results transmitted wirelessly to doctor’s office from the test device by family member or caregiver. Proper hydration is critical for mitigating common reasons for readmission: gastrointestinal problem, infection and failure to thrive/malnutrition.
  • Emergency Department will use the test to aid screening for suspected dehydration. This will improve the accuracy and reliability of detecting dehydration and accelerating treatment in particular in seniors whose clinical signs of dehydration are not reliable.
Rapid Saliva Biomarker Test for Diagnostics of Concussion

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity around the world. Nearly 2 million traumatic brain injuries (TBI) happen in the US each year, with increasing incidence. Everyone is at risk for TBI, especially children and seniors. 70-90% TBI injuries are mild (mTBI, also called concussion). Concussion is a significant public health concern because it can result in life-long health problems. Currently, there is no efficient way how to diagnose or treat concussion. Current approach to diagnosing concussion in the Emergency Room has key weaknesses: inconvenience, high cost, radiation risk of the CT brainscan, and failure to provide definitive diagnosis to patients with negative CT result.

Our product will make possible early detection and diagnosis of concussion. KEY ADVANTAGES
  • Objective – molecular test
  • Actionable – go to hospital if testing positive
  • Rapid answer – 5 min
  • Noninvasive and Easy to use - disposable saliva test
  • Affordable
  • More sensitive than current approach: detects concussion with positive or negative CT brain scan
  • Medical Provider: Emergency Department in hospital, Concussion Clinic and Walk-in clinics such as MD Today Urgent Care, Minute Clinic at CVS, ReadiClinic at RiteAid Pharmacy, Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, Target Clinic and Walmart Clinic.
  • Self-testing and Family Member. The test will empower family to detect mTBI at home after a suspected head injury.
  • Sports Coach and Athletic Department. The test will help coaches to detect mTBI during high school and college sports and to provide a standard metrics for safe return-to-play decisions. Regular use of the test will teach the coach how to recognize mTBI and help to educate coaches, officials, parents and students on the importance of proper concussion recognition and management in sports.
NEXT-GEN Oral test for monitoring HIV/AIDS

1.2 million people are living with HIV infection in the US, and HIV/AIDS continues to be a global challenge.

  1. Reduction of new HIV infections. About 50,000 new HIV infections occur in US each year. Over half of them are spread by the 1 in 5 people with HIV who do not know they are infected, adding $10 billion dollars annually to healthcare costs. This problem is preventable. Over 96% new HIV infections could be avoided if HIV is diagnosed and treated early. Current rapid tests cannot detect HIV in the first 20-45 days after getting infected, and people with false negative results spread HIV unknowingly to others. More advanced tests can detect HIV earlier but high cost (>$100) and slow turnover (days) is prohibitive for routine use in community clinics.
  2. Continual treatment monitoring is necessary to improve health outcome in HIV/AIDS. Combination antiretroviral therapy has improved health and survival in HIV/AIDS patients. However, to be successful, patients have to be checked every 3-6 months to fine-tune the drugs. Without monitoring, the treatment is less affective and has more side effects. The adverse impact of unmonitored ART adds >30 billion dollars annually in direct medical costs and lost productivity. Currently, therapeutic monitoring of HIV/AIDS is based on two labory tests: HIV viral load and CD4 T cell count. These tests are costly, require blood draw and take several days. Resource-limited clinics cannot offer this testing, resulting in less effective and less safe treatment. UNMET NEED: Rapid Point-of-Care tests for HIV screening and treatment monitoring.

Our product will make possible early detection and therapeutic monitoring of HIV/AIDS in Point-of-Care. KEY ADVANTAGES
  • Objective – molecular test
  • Actionable – if Positive, confirm a new HIV infection or adjust HIV medications.
  • Rapid answer – 20 min
  • Noninvasive and Easy to use - disposable saliva test
  • Affordable - $2 per test
  • More capable than current tests: one test delivers HIV diagnostics as well as treatment monitoring

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Gaia Continues US Army Clinical Studies:


Gaia continues clinical studies of the Hydration Status Monitor for the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. Please visit Military Operational Medicine Research Program.

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Gaia Medical Institute ™ has joined the National Institutes of Health in the fight against Ebola. The objective is to develop a NEXT GEN screening test for early detection of Ebola and other emerging diseases.

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