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Scientific R&D services

Gaia Medical Institute offers to perform scientific R&D related to testing saliva samples for biomarkers of diseases and health disorders.

Biomarker assays

IHC Assay

DIGITAL IHC for WHOLE SALIVA: Gaia Medical Institute developed a new immunohistochemical (IHC) assay for quantitative measurement of protein biomarkers in whole saliva. Optimized volume of whole saliva is deposited on standard fields of microscopy slide. Biomarker is detected using sandwich immunoassay with a red label optimized for image analysis. Stained slides are digitized using scanning microscope. Proprietary TCA algorithm for is used for automated image analysis and calculating quantitative biomarker data. The accuracy and reliability of the TCA algorithm was validated using standard calibration curve. TCA results had high sensitivity (single cells, ~0.1 pg/ml), reliability (CV=16%), accuracy (R2=0.97) and 40-fold linear dynamic range.

Quantification of saliva biomarkers using digital IHC. a, Standard fields of whole saliva were immunostained and digitized. Field No 4 (green frame) was selected for image analysis. b, Red immune label. c, Segmented image. d, Staining intensity map.

Quantification of saliva biomarkers

Accuracy and reliability of digital IHC assay for whole saliva. Duplicate samples of saliva dilutions were spotted on slides and immunostained with antibody specific for epithelial antigen. Signal volume was quantified using TCA algorithm for image analysis. a, Images of 1x, 5x, 20, and 40x concentrated saliva.b, Standard calibration curve.

Saliva concentration (fold)

Western Blot assay

DIGITAL WESTERN BLOT for WHOLE SALIVA: Gaia Medical Institute developed a new immunoblotting method for analyzing protein biomarkers in whole saliva. Specific biomarkers are detected using ECL sandwich immunoassay. Digital image analysis is used to determine the molecular weight, protein concentration.The assay has linear dynamic range 100pg-4ng, sensitivity 100 pg, 97% accuracyand mean CV=21%.


Digital Western blot of whole saliva: Recombinant Hsp27 protein and samples of whole saliva were analyzed using digital ECL Western blot. Calibration curve was constructed using serial dilutions of rHsp27 protein (triangles). Serial dilutions of whole saliva (open circles) were used to determine Hsp27 concentration in saliva.

Custom design and development

Gaia Medical Institute offers custom design and development of chemical reagents and biochemical assays including customized saliva matrix reagents, and quantitative biomarker assays.

Supplies and reagents
  • Supplies Tubes, Labels, Slide holders
  • Reagents Reference saliva preparations

Software Products By Gaia Medical Institue

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Gaia Medical Institute ™ Contributes to the SPIE Conference


Gaia CEO Dr. Sarka Southern is a Senior Member of SPIE and serves as the Conference Chair at the annual SPIE Sensing Technologies and Applications Symposium since 2007. See the full 2014 Conference Program here.

For 2015 Conference Call for Papers click here.

SPIE Website.

Updated: March 22, 2017

Current News:

Gaia Continues US Army Clinical Studies:


Gaia continues clinical studies of the Hydration Status Monitor for the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command. Please visit Military Operational Medicine Research Program.

Gaia Joins Fight Against Ebola

Ebola Virus

Gaia Medical Institute ™ has joined the National Institutes of Health in the fight against Ebola. The objective is to develop a NEXT GEN screening test for early detection of Ebola and other emerging diseases.

Dr. Sarka Southern Nominated for Athena San Diego's Pinnacle Award in Life Sciences

Ebola Virus

Dr. Sarka Southern was nominated for the Athena San Diego Pinnacle Award in Life Sciences. This honor recognized extraordinary individuals, companies/organizations and educators who "personify Athena San Diego's mission of fostering the personal and professional growth of women through mentoring, education, recognition, and leadership training." Awards were presented to those who have played an exemplary role in the development and advancement of women within their organization or the San Diego community. For more information visit: Athena Pinnacle Awards

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